You have to watch this horrible machine. I can not believe my eyes.


You have to watch this horrible machine. I can not believe my eyes. I studied mechanical engineering for 5 years and graduated in 1972. I remember the school trips to factories and metal casting facilities to see these machines at work in person. Always fascinated me and makes me wonder, how can man be so ingeneous and innovative and sometimes so destructive...

I saw a series of ingenious and sophisticated machines that are very efficient at what they do, operated by very skilled operators . Fascinating what humans can create.

Somebody couldn't get past the idea of the horrific damage that COULD be inflicted on the human body by any one of those marvelous machines.

I imagine that the horrible must be directly related to the amount of income and the versatility of human ingenuity that civilization is developing along with the course of history.

I'd have to meet the machine personally and perhaps go out for a meal before I could agree whether it is "horrible", or not. It might be very polite and well mannered for all I know.

The crusher as we called it in the 70's. I worked at a Lead Foundry in Seattle and we used it to crush up old batteries to melt down the lead. Basically a recycle operation till the EPA shut it down

I started CNC machining. The constant burned oil smell, sharp objects and them h

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