Everyone should watch this farmer's video. - Incredible Modern Livestock. Make This Go Viral!!

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Comments: - This was amazing to see how much you have invested in your approach to your dairy farm, making it more effective and a great way to use every hour of everyday. Most importantly it gives you the time to put in the maintenance and care the cows deserve. My favourite part was their back scratching stations. I assume you get quality produce when your cows are happy and treated so kiandly. Thank you for your genuine love and treatment of these beautiful creatures


Seeing how the cows appreciated those giant round brushes so they can itch themselves. That to me I could see how much they appreciated just that alone.


such a kind caring farm ran by awesome people, they are treated so well, great job guys...I will subscribe to see more. Thank you for posting this video.


Have to love the farm life. Hard work but rewarding. Fresh air. The animals. Prefer it over city life. But that is where I am. 

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