Awesome F-22 Raptor Falls/freefall from sky in full control 4K


The F-22 Raptor (Bird of Prey) is a fighter aircraft produced by Lockheed Martin, focused on air superiority, to provide high invisibility with low radar coverage. F-22 aircraft of the United States Air Force (USAF) are an important component of the United States Global Attack Task Force (US-GSTF). [1]

The F-22 is a single-seat, twin-engine aircraft. Thanks to the composite materials used in its design and body, although the radar signature is very low for radar facilities, it can be detected by the ESM system known as the Kolchuga passive detector. In order to keep the radar track low, the bombs and missiles carried must be located in special compartments inside the aircraft, not under the wings, otherwise it will cause the radar track to rise significantly and become detectable for the aircraft radar facilities. It made its first flight on 7 October 1997 and the first produced F-22 was delivered to the Nellis Air Base on 17 January 2003. Since the F-22 is an aircraft with a very small radar image, it can infiltrate enemy airspace and deliver the lead strike.

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