Horrible Tractor Crashes


What is an accident? What Are Household Accidents? What Are School Accidents?



ACCIDENTS are harmful events that occur without anyone's hands. Undoubtedly, people have suffered various accidents since time immemorial. Although the progress of manners and education has eliminated some of them, the development of civilization from day to day has led to the appearance of many new accidents. The construction of large and safe ships has reduced maritime accidents, the development of weapons has reduced the dangers of wild animals. On the other hand, people used to be more responsible for themselves. However, in modern society they are connected to each other for many reasons. A little carelessness of a bus driver, thoughtfulness of a railway shearer can cost the lives of many. There is no doubt that the biggest cause of accidents is carelessness. If everyone paid maximum attention to their daily lives and work, accidents would be reduced to such an extent that there would be no accidents, countless losses of property and life would be prevented.


The proverb "An accident doesn't mean I'm coming" describes the way accidents happen very well. Always keeping this in mind in our daily lives will prevent many accidents that we will talk about below.

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