Crazy Cow Destroys Gate


We started preg checking the herd and a couple of the critters were a little crazy!
We have a poultry farm and also have a 'no-crazies' rule. We have about 50 roos. NONE of them are aggressive to each other, to people, hens, ext. We had three that were totally nuts. Caught them attacking a hen (killed her). They went to auction that Saturday. Had a red something or other mix that was dumped on our property. He was INSANE!! He attacked everyone!  Had one of the teenage boys that worked for us shoot it because we couldn't get close enough to catch it. You can't keep animals that pose a danger to people or other animals. Period! Without the aggressive animals: our two flocks are fantastic. We merge them into one huge flock in summer for pasturing (no point in pasturing in winter) and even then the two groups of twenty-five roos don't fight! It's the hens that have it out for a few days. ;) 
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  • thomas

    Enjoyed the video. I am a beef farmer so I know where you are coming from. Put a saddle on the jumper, only way to make money of her LOL. You need gates that close easily when handling cattle. No point in having gates that you have to lift to move. Cattle can move fast when they get upset. If you had a gate in front of the jumper before she got by you at the end of the video, she may have sopped at it and not jumped the gat she did. The money from the calf may have paid for a gate Still a cow to get rid off. .My mother always said you never handle cattle without a good stick,