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Processing methods are of great importance in order to make the soil more productive and to make agricultural efficiency easier. Deep version blasting (bottom boiler) method is one of the processing methods that is given priority in the world and is popularly applied all over the world. The purpose of the deep version blasting method: To be able to work the deeper parts of the soil that is processed in the standard way.


Continuously plowing soil in the same extent and close to the surface in agricultural lands causes negative situations after a while. As a result of plowing, a hard soil surface is formed slightly under the soil at all times. This part, which is defined as the base stone, contains negative aspects for both the soil and the plants growing on it. Since this part does not pass water, it causes undesirable situations such as slipping of the soil on it after irrigation or precipitation and losing its values. In order to prevent these, plowing should be done at certain periods below the soil tillage level, which is applied as a standard. The process of breaking the base stone and creating a fertile soil is called blasting. Deep version blasting machines are used to do this.

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