Reversing Trailer and Loading my Rig


This is the first part of my limited-time drive I did every day for almost 2 months at the new job.

Being a professional driver is among the most demanding jobs. Anyone who has done this job knows this. Both a 20-year-experienced driver and a new driver who has just completed a driver's license learn new things every day. We would like to share with you a few practical information that will be useful to every truck driver.

Much is expected of drivers. Truck drivers are required to be good drivers, to have many authorization documents, to know the roads and to have good driving techniques. In addition, resistance to stress, punctuality and dexterity, especially in parking lots, are very important. Below are some practical tips applied by truck drivers from all over the world.


Matte headlights

Headlights in heavy commercial vehicles are very important for driving safety. We need to take very good care of our headlights. So what to do when the headlights are dull? Have you tried the toothpaste? It is enough to apply the cheapest toothpaste to remove the dullness of the headlights. Apply the paste on the headlight and wipe it with a soft cloth without waiting for it to dry.


White toothpaste is the most suitable toothpaste for this job. You can use an old toothbrush to apply the paste (perfect for applying paste to hard-to-reach areas).


misted windows

One of the things that drivers dislike the most is fogging of the windows. This obstructs vision and creates dangerous situations. Fortunately, you can get around this by using potatoes. Spread a potato cut in half on your windows and see how the condensation disappears. You can apply it to both the inner and outer surfaces of the windows. It is a very useful method in bad weather conditions.


humid weather

Speaking of fogging of the windows, it is necessary not to mention the fact that the air is very humid. You can apply silicone cat litter to remove moisture. After stuffing sand into a sock, place it under your seat.


You can also use coarse grained salt instead of sand. Do not forget to secure the socks by fixing them.


dirty windows

Do not forget that keeping the windows of the vehicle clean is among the duties of every driver. If you smoke in the cabin, your windows will become dull, their transparency will decrease and they will become slightly “foggy”. It is quite difficult to clean such glasses. When you wipe, you spread even more dirt than removing it. Special liquids and wipes are sold for this job, but there is no need to pay for them when you can use newspapers. The newspaper does not leave any traces and removes all kinds of dirt. However, you have to be careful with the paper of the newspaper you use. Slippery paper, such as coated paper, will not work. Use regular newsprint. Instead of expensive detergents, you can use diluted vinegar.


Seeing other vehicles at night

Visibility is very poor on deserted roads at night. It can be very difficult to see oncoming vehicles. You can dazzle the drivers of the vehicles that suddenly appear in front of you. This may lead to accidents. So how can you prevent this? The answer is simple: watch the trees on the other side of the road. If the trees are illuminated, it means that an oncoming vehicle is coming. Drivers never get bored while they are working. Being a driver is not an easy profession, but it has many advantages. These advantages include the ability to continually improve skills. This includes practical knowledge that you can apply in everyday life. Do you have practical knowledge that you apply? Share them with us by commenting or from the driver app.

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