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I don't know if everyone is like this, but when I think of handmade products, the first thing that comes to my mind is craft products. Knitting, embroidery, sewing, macrame, soap, candle making, jewelry design etc. Of course, we can also add carpenter products and blacksmithing works to these. The other side of the matter is, of course, art products. That is, works such as painting, mosaic, ceramics, tile, marbling and stained glass. Of course, there are transitions. So, what is art or craft? These are wonderful works!!!


The distinction I make between art and craft is; One is made to be used in daily life, to fulfill a function, and the other is made just for our visual pleasure, so that we can enjoy looking at it, so that we can be happy.


If you ask which one you prefer over the other, it is almost impossible for me to choose. For example, Hatice Yazıcı's wire wrap embroideries, which are among our stores, are works that I cannot get enough of. By the way, you can better understand my difficulty in choosing if I tell you that I made a painting of the wire-wrapped parts of a blanket inherited from my grandmother and hung it among the pictures on the wall of my house.


Today, we will list some of the reasons why we should prefer handmade products, leaving aside relatively subjective opinions such as the fact that handmade products are wonderful and have a soul.


Handmade products create a low carbon footprint and are a friend of a sustainable world. There is no large factory or full-fledged industry behind these products. Products are produced and sold in a certain country/geography. In other words, they do not contain the pollution brought by both factory production and long transportation. (The share of industrial production in global pollution is 19.4%, transportation is 13.1%. wsws.org)

Handmade products serve to practice and sustain traditional arts. Artists and craftsmen exhibit the works they produce by applying traditions and in this way create knowledge and interest on the subject. These are promotions inherent in the work and directly serve to ensure the continuation of traditional arts for future generations. Who wouldn't want our children to know tile, marbling, ceramics, mosaic etc. and even do them? As a hobby if they want. Good hobbies are one of the best gifts we can leave to our children.

The creators of handmade products carefully select the materials they use. They use recyclable inputs as much as possible, otherwise they look for environmentally friendly suppliers or local producers. Materials, earth and sustainability are important to them.

You can buy handmade products by personalizing them. It is possible to order products that suit your liking, in the colors you choose, and in your favorite patterns. No manufactured product can give you the happiness that specially produced products can give you. Was it too ambitious? Yes, I guess it did, but this is my feeling, my preference. I can look at a handmade product for hours or days.

Each handmade piece is a unique display of craftsmanship. Each has its own admirable character. When you purchase a handmade item, you are essentially purchasing a commitment to originality that guarantees that no other piece will be the same. For example, even if the pattern is the same, you buy a ceramic with a rabbit's ear lower down. And he's just your rabbit. With his droopy ear. I don't see any reason not to love his droopy ears even more :) I guess these are like children's precious toys.

And by purchasing handmade products, you actually know that you are directly supporting people, that is, local producers. It's not a huge company where profit is prioritized above all else. Not their unethically grown products, not their products where they use cheap labor or child labor. You support people. One to one. And you are actually taking a huge step towards changing the skewed income distribution.

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