Girls Driving Tractors Compilation 1hr+ Watch Women Work


A one hour compilation of girls driving tractors set to various music
Relax and watch women drive tractors
The music has been completely updated

Com: Apna: Hy mam, which your country and how many salary you earn per month from tractors driving

Com: Silent Nice tractor but I prefer John Deere and older equipment all the new electronics have so many problems of all the tractors we had in the shop at the dealership I worked at 90% of repairs were electrical and parts are expensive. Electric over hydraulic, engine computer controlled information center too many things to go bad. And the newer tractors are so high maintenance. Just give me a 4020 or 4320 any day over these newer tractors.

Com: Alaian: too much of one girl ... who is not te best !

Tractor & Machinery
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