The huge ship, where hundreds of people watch is passage, is approachingthe port.


James R Barker arrived in Duluth this evening with a master salute to stun the large crowd of spectators on a warm summer evening. The Barker will load iron ore pellets.

com: I love watching these large ships move. When I was much younger, my family used to spend the summers at Sodus Point NY which, at the time, was the place where coal from Pennsylvania via rail was transferred to coal ships that took it over to Canada. We used to love watching the ships come and go, and listen (and sometimes watch) the loading process.

The difference in handling when I went from my 18' to my new 37' was interesting. Took a bit to get it figured out. The captains of those beasts to me are beyond smart. That isn't just a job, it's an art and they are the Picaso's.

Always love to see that harbor. I lived there as a child. I remember my dad taking me down there when the St Lawrence Seaway opened in 1959. I was nine years old.

that is a sight to see, i live a couple miles from the cape fear river, last year i watched the Hyundai Hope come in fully loaded at 1200 ft long, its something to realize how massive these ships are once you see one. up close, the pilot boats looked like toys.

It was nice to hear the other vessels give thier intent and the second vessel outbound said he would hang back and let the barker enter and not get in his way

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