why do they harvest rice like this?


What is Rice? A plant from wheat that grows in plenty of water with roots (Oryza sativa): A herbaceous plant species that is most october after rice, corn from the family of wheat (Poaceae) and wheat. It is of great importance in nutrition for more than half of the world's population.


Rice is one of the oldest foods on earth. it is known from archaeological records that it has been eaten in China for 8,000 years. Rice is the most common and versatile foodstuff, especially in Southeast Asia. there are 7000 varieties. It is usually grown in wetland paddy fields in tropical and sub-tropical climates with abundant rainfall. For pilaf, preference is given to thin long grains. For pilaf, shorter and plump grains are suitable. Short and broken ones are used in desserts such as rice pudding. It draws little water when it is fresh, and its water withdrawal rate increases as it dries.

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