John Deere X9 Combine Harvesting Rice 4K


Byrne Farms in Elton Louisiana using this brand new John Deere X9 starting their rice harvest.I really like your footage! No music, just pure machines sound and nice views. One thing I would probably like to add is one or two short clips of unloading at the farm or loading the truck (whatever is happening after).

I'm curious if there is something different than standard crops combines, or is it just different concaves/sieves etc?Great video. That x9 looked massive compared to the 8R, - so is it still classified as a 'class 9' combine. Surely once they start, (and are), putting 50' headers on them they will have to be emptied more often, - so they will need bigger 'grain trailers' to keep up. One thing that always surprises me in harvesting rice, is, they don't use "tracked" tractors or carts, - It's not as if you can't get them.

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