John deere s660 with draper 630f harvesting rice


Rice History - History, Who Invented Rice?

Rice farming first started in India in 3,000 BC, then spread to the West. Its arrival in Europe coincides with the Middle Ages. It is thought that it entered Turkey from the south 500 years ago.




Rice, which is widely cultivated in tropical, subtropical and temperate regions, is the only cereal plant grown in water. Although other cereal plants cannot survive in water for a long time and lose their vitality, rice develops by using dissolved oxygen in water.


The paddy obtained after the harvest is polished by removing the husks and turned into white rice grains. The polishing process, which is carried out to smooth the appearance of the grains, actually causes the product to lose its nutritional value to a large extent. Because during this process, the outer layer, rich in protein, fat, thiamine (vitamin B1), niacin (nicotinic acid), riboflavin (vitamin B2), iron and calcium, surrounding the surface of the grains is lost. Only a starch-rich product remains.


Rice production in the world

China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand take the first place. USA, Vietnam, Brazil, Philippines are other important producers. The annual amount of rice produced is 500 million tons. In Turkey, 53 thousand hectares of the 14 million hectares of agricultural area devoted to grain production is cultivated. Rice production in Turkey is approximately 165 thousand tons. The main rice production areas are in the Marmara, Black Sea and Aegean regions. The provinces with the highest production are Edirne, followed by Çorum, Samsun, Sinop, İzmir, Manisa, Balıkesir and Kastamonu, respectively. Since the product produced in some years does not meet our needs, a substantial amount of rice is imported especially from the USA, Italy, Egypt, Pakistan and Australia.

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