Fendt TRISIX Vario VS Claas XERION 5000 - [Power/Size/Performance Comparison] - (Largest VS Largest)

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A weird comparison again, here we have an experimental tractor of #fendt the #trisix_vario, which is the largest wheeled tractor of #fendt_corporation, but it was released only in 2007 and it didn't continue on global market, agaisnt the largest monster tractor of #claas company, the #xerion_5000 with tracks on!! Both have weird appearance, the trisix is the only tractor 6 large wheels. See the differences in the video and make a comment about which could have a better performance in the fields.
Info/Specs Sources :
★† CLAAS : https://www.claas.co.uk/blueprint/servlet/blob/1655934/1f1b735a286fc7ca9ff233a0e921bd2a/189727-23-dataRaw.pdf
★† FENDT : http://www.sixmania.fr/en/tracteur-fendt-trisix-vario-2007/
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