Claas Xerion 4000 Kverneland 10 share reversible plow plowing


A Claas Xerion 4000 plowing with a Kverneland 10 share in action.

The driver maneuvers the Xerion smoothly and incredibly precisely across the field!


The Kverneland Plow PW/RW Variomat with seven to twelve furrows is a completely new type of semi-mounted plow with a center chassis.


The new Kverneland PW/RW semi-mounted plows have a completely new design with a robust front part of the plow with a center chassis and a conventional mounted reversible plow at the rear.


This new design offers more flexibility in choosing the right combination of plows for different soil conditions. In some circumstances it is advantageous to only use the front part due to very wet or extremely hard soil or the availability of a suitable tractor. The heavy front end alone ensures optimal performance in all conditions. However, it can also be advantageous to use only the rear part as a normal mounted plow for working smaller areas or headlands. The rear plow can be uncoupled in a few minutes and is then ready for use. The two parts are reassembled just as quickly. So you always have a free choice.


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