Largest combine header in the world


Comment: Harvester : This is understandable, that for harvest fields this header will not roll.We were able to ride on such a field with a 6-7 meter header, to load a threshing machine it is necessary to drive very quickly,and so, you calmly grind, and the solar oil is saved. Another question is, what kind of culture is being removed?At first soya thought, but in a row it was very densely planted. In short, the FIG knows.


To all * experts * who burp like * yes with such a low mass * or * if he is driven into our barley, he immediately chokes *. I don’t know what this unit is harvesting, it’s obviously not wheat, but it didn’t occur to you that a low culture is not due to poor soil, but people just have varieties grown on grain and not on straw. After collective farm life, he worked for seven years at John Deere and I will say that he will not choke !!! and he has less losses and he spits across the field faster than the Don, and he has more bandwidth and power reserve .... Yes, it is complicated and expensive to repair and maintenance, but it breaks down three times less, timely maintenance must be done, oil and fuel preferably without water, and then in the middle of the field you don’t have to swing a sledgehammer with a chisel

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