Unloading Hay the Easy Way


Hydraulic Hay trailer unloading small bales at our ranch. Copyright Janet Williamsen 2016. well now, you'd need to have though this well through before starting - good well formed and loaded bales - otherwise first load would have been Last load+ a Rocketing! thanks for showing

2/3 of the way finished sounds like a good time to stop the whole operation and ask the operator to idle it down

Why don't untie and drive in a circle real fast to unload and u still have to get ur straps

when i was young my grandmother had around 1500 cows divided on 4 farms. we put in hay by hand, bales bigger than me. you would have so many splinters in you by the end of the first day, you looked like a porcupine! the sheets would hurt at night in bed! i saw a shorter version of this once but only years after all the manual labor. doesn't seem fair...
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