Easy Sheep Feed Trailer


The Easy Sheep Feed trailer is for feeding and moving sheep and lambs and has sections for cake and hay, drugs and a crook to be taken out to the sheep.
The feed is released using the self-closing feed release arm, operated from the quad bike or 4 x 4 without the need for electics. Having fed the sheep in a line observation of them is a lot easier as all rear ends are visible. Once emptied any lambs (in the front) and sheep (in the back) can be brought back to the farm. This back section has a slatted floor and a central, half width swinging door to make loading or unloading easier.
The trailer is based on a single drop axle (low loading height) which has large diameter genuine low pressure wheels and tyres with large greasable bearings. These enable the trailer to travel smoothly on the rough ground and quickly and safely on the roads.

Forestry & Animals
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