COM:Friends watching videos and just never existed in most of the comments I see a whim huge farming tractor farmer and comment you're making every vacation days and his nights in the profession hosts non-grew up in the city, in our country, three to five people do not respect what lacks in a profession where every profession ego, plus there is, but the mean lifetime of the physics of tractor farming life and completely devote to get people to believe that most of those guys meslekdek works with the legacy of his grandfather from the father more than a person's labor is being taken to limit the number of Yom business trade trade I can't count the money that is removed let no one fool anyone what the grandfather and father of these men must have suffered. If you are going to make negative comments, go to those who make money easily and make people dig, cheat people, cheat people, trade and show them a reputation in their land, these men have not won this tractor field for a day. Work them with her fingernails and increase their grandfather empty if you're wondering who those guys are, so to speak, they do not earn a week for 8 nights around the exact tempo in the evening until 1 in the morning oily barley powder the face with the hands that raise weights that are close to 50 kg per day in the heat of the body 2 bin 3 bin ediyon more about the salary we give you the right okay you are right, but what's this business I have almost 2 thousand of these jobs derdinizki a boiler, but the work of the farmer olmasinder you fuck every factory, in every place they give these guys the most simple meal 2 meals a day so they don't enjoy eating olives cheese Luncheon Room is empty from the richest to the poorest farmer, all of them are three to five up, the same trade is not like any other official business, you just saw romorku these guys build their own buildings, build their own houses, stables are builders, there are herbs around, there is cleaning, there are garbage men, there are animals, there are veterinarians. If you have ever been on a visit or on a vacation, or do you have animal feed water today, I wonder if you have come without a pig or how the animals said that these people cannot go out of the city easily, they go to the district easily, vacation, this is not a holiday that is very rare for years in their lives, it seems like a story to these people is a dream. You have a few other problems besides yourself and your family, these guys have as much work as the world.  These guys have gardens. Collecting anchors does not end with counting. If you are behind your words, you will get you 1 year, you will show and study what farming is to the smallest detail, and then see if we can talk like this, it's like these guys earn money a year in trade, a civil servant earns half a year or a few days a month without leaving his life, these men's bodies are very oppressed. I am sure that a full-time farmer who has never lived for 1 year will work at the right pace next to him, problems will arise in his body, he will not have a waist wick or a sore arm, he will already wear out quickly. Just watch this video and don't talk about how much they shovel these barley powders how many times have you prepared 10 tons of barley seeds and downloaded 50 kg of feed in the truck. There are no other such jobs, and there are professions such as military service. For the love of Allah, these people produce empty speech, they don't see any value, I'm studying at a university. I am a village boy, I live in a good village and I know that I am a big person, even Ataturk is the master of a peasant nation. As I said, I think the peasant farmer is not ungrateful. He doesn't waste it, he knows that everything is worth it. Every person respects, but most of our people have forgotten their essence, their ancestors lived in the village, but they have no respect for the peasant, unfortunately, they work so hard and produce for society, they work. The men have no security, they don't know about life, they don't want them to know their lives without harming anyone. If they weren't cold and lazy, they wouldn't have gotten this tractor ah ah those who don't understand just need to work then they will understand. Do you have a show, concerts, theaters, movies, TV shows, people are making as much money as the world, it's like they're making stones and making money, there's a lot of free money in the magazine, go tell them, believe me, I can't understand you guys are working on their own terms all the time. They don't get their full payback for their work. But where there are fans of those who earn money for free who can't do real empty work, they have a reputation. It's really a pity for those who make such unnecessary comments.#masseyferguson

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