Driver confused as a result of gps error


Meanwhile, in the fields, the observations of the agro were being made... the tractor driver went to take a look at the zap zap and forgot he was planting, it even has autopilot but the jump hole function was not included. In the absence of a #tractor, you already know, right, a harvester goes, it's only complicated when the tractor falls into the ditch and you can't get out the rescue of another tractor.

John Deere 8335R working with Civemasa 104-Disc leveling harrow passing suffocation cutting corn straw, Valtrão gross filip in the back and front parading before pushing the #roça and again the tc giving work, cram motorcycle is for the weak here the class crams It's New Holland. John Deere 4730 sprayer with 36 meter carbon fiber bars in the application, here the system is rough guys.


The rock won!!! The system is gross


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