The tailgate moved up and down a foot with each cycle of lifting and dropping. Might have sped this up to use it.

Good morning Vu! I would be so nervous driving such a big truck! These drivers are so skilled! Great job! You did fantastic filming this! Have a wonderful day my friend.

The driver who treats a weak bog is too weak to put the wood in the bottom of the barrel and then it is correct, but must use the chain to tie the bridge to the iron and then pull it up before the wheel will break up and then lay the tree or kick in

Partly due to my talent..ko could sink so deeply, all the cakes would take care of the underwear, but just sitting on it and stuffing it wouldn't be like that. With the whole truck going with the team to aim not to eat, wait for the ngta to come and pull, but the mother is behind, probably not the owner should not love the car.

When there is no vehicle to pull but want to fix it, use a shovel to dig the ground in front of the rutted wheel so that it is relatively equal to the tire bottom (it seems soft and in the same direction as the direction of the car). Whoever does that, both breaks down the car and consumes oil and cannot get on by himself.

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