The Dried-Up Tractor Driver On The Road! ACCIDENT On The Farm Idiot Vs Professional! EXTREME Actions


Causes of Driver Caused Traffic Accidents



Driving without practice


Not taking precautions against road and weather conditions


Reckless driving in traffic


drink driving


Speeding while driving


Disobeying traffic rules


Not giving pedestrian right of way




Causes of Traffic Accidents Caused by Passenger


Denying the driver the right of first way


Disobeying traffic rules


crossing a red light


Leaving in front of or behind a stationary vehicle


Not using the pedestrian crossing


Passenger bridges on transit roads


Using a hand tool incorrectly on the road




The breakdown of the vehicle also causes traffic accidents. According to other reasons, traffic accidents can also be caused by the breakdown of the vehicle. Finally, problems on the road can endanger the lives of drivers in traffic.



Considering the traffic accidents in Turkey; We see that the driver, pedestrian, vehicle and road cause the accident. In order to prevent traffic accidents, it is necessary to practice after obtaining a driver's license, to be more careful than usual while driving, to get full sleep, to obey traffic rules and not to drive drunk. inquires about the insurance companies with the most advanced technology on your behalf in real time and saves you time. The easiest way to find the most suitable insurance policy for your needs and budget, Koalay is a reliable online insurance broker where you can choose the offer you want.

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