10 Biggest Engines In The World


COMMENTS: About the U.P big boy, 4014 was just its production number. I have seen it go bye on its last journey, and it shakes the ground.


7:25: When my father was young he was out early in the morning delivering news papers in Joplin Missouri. He was near the rail road tracks when a Big Boy came in on the wring track. It rammed another train splitting all the cars to bits and then it plowed in to the ground where it hit a gas pipeline. It was spectacular.


One small correction-the Big Boy series of locomotives we’re originally intended and primarily used to haul freight over the Wasatch Range of Mountains in Utah, part of the Rocky Mountains.


The Haliade is good, but it needs a vertical axis, to receive wind from any horizontal direction, and magnetic levitation, to reduce friction.


Those wind turbines are maintenance hungry and the blades don't last very long as the longest they last is around fifteen years . one of the biggest problem internally is the gearing system that is know to get so hot it can start a fire inside the nacelle .


Well, in 68 or 69 my tech school sent us on a field trip. We went to a los angeles power plant. It made methane from waste recycling and used that to power the engines. These engines were massive. 3 stories high ? Part of the cylinders could be unbolted and 3 people could stand on the piston. Rotation was not fast so you could literally follow the piston travel by sound. Was an amazing day to see this. Probably all gone by now.

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