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Comments: - - BelAZ reminded me of Belarus tractors from my childhood. Some small farms had them. Relative small tractors. Gravel pits had some huge ones for the same reason - cheap as dirt and easy to repair. I've never seen a dealer of them as a child or young. I guess the price was dumped to get Western currency. Good for our farmers/agricultural companies, bad for the Belarus and the USSR. A lot of Western companies had a cooperation with companies in Belarus (the country). If somebody had told me a Rolls Royce engine would be in a tractor from the Belarus company, I would think, they've lost their mind. But it was a fact until recently. I guess the "Russian" approach is still present, if it works, it's being used. In some parts and design it can be a little rough. It might have breakdowns, but the lines of logistic, means realible is being able to fix it on the spot or continue anyway, bypassing the faulty part until you get the needed part. In a lot of places, that's a selling point.

The Liebherr Truck is what used to be the American comp- any WISEDA which stood for the first two letters of the inventors full name( William Seldon Davis). Baxter Springs, Kansas U.S.A. , was originally where the factory was . After purchase of the co. by Liebherr, the business was re- located to Newport News, Virginia, U.S.A.

I live near Branson Missouri and they had this D12 High track Dozer with a 25 foot wide blade and to move it you had to disassemble it so when they were clearing the highway in Branson and they got done they needed it in a town called Reed Springs and instead of disassembling it and moving it they notified landowners from Branson to Reed Springs which is 30 miles as the crow flies and got permission to drive it across their properties they took down fences and put rubber pads across roads to cross pavement and drove it from Branson to Reed Springs and drove it across highways roads and property and took down the fences and put them back up because it was cheaper van disassembling it and trucking it would have taken longer to disassemble it and truck it and put it back together then it would be to just drive it. Another note is I watched them as they were grading their Highway after they cleared the trees and they actually had a guy on a little four-wheel Honda driving in front of it you mean hand signals to the operator of how to tilt the blade to grade as he drove alongside the giant Dozer just in front of the blade he would give hand signals to the operator

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