10 Biggest and Powerful Tractors in the World


The largest and powerful tractors used for different types of heavy duty

the biggest tractors at work in agriculture industry with diferent farm equipment

different tractor types and tractors models, new tractors as john deere tractors, new holland tractors or case tractors

tractors working, weighing more than 20 tons and having more than 600 horsepower, big tractors used to tow heavy loads in different types of agricultural work.
The Deutz, (pronounced like D-O-E-TS) isn't one of the biggest and most powerful tractors in the world, same is for the 8700 S but I think that you made a video only about new ones, so yeah, I guess you got all of them. The Challenger and the Fendt 1050 are the same tractor, and also I don't really understand why you kept saying the capacity of the fuel tank, it isn't the most important thing when buying a tractor, you coul've said something about the transmission maybe. Well made video and i appreciate the work you've put into it, but make more research next time!

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