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While the combo of harvester and volatile crop has fire-starting potential, there are plenty of measures farmers can put in place to minimise the risks. The GRDC recommends:

  • regular and stringent harvester maintenance;
  • exhaust system shielding treatments (particularly for those growing lentils and pulses);
  • referring to the Grain Harvesting Code of Practice before harvesting to check whether conditions are optimal;
  • regularly cleaning out residue (particularly with pulse crops);
  • checking beneath covers and guards for dust and chaff buildup;
  • using a hand-held thermometer to check all moving parts and bearings for hot spots;
  • keeping the electrical system well maintained and weeding out worn or rodent-damaged cables;
  • checking oil seals and keeping an eye out for fuel and hydraulic line leaks;
  • using drag chains to avoid static electricity accumulation;
  • making use of the battery isolation switch when the header isn’t in use;
  • keeping a fire suppression system in the harvester;
  • ensuring all operators are trained in fire prevention and fighting techniques
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