Beautiful Farmer Girl - Valtra T202


All the way from deep down in the Indian Ocean Island of Seychelles hello. Amazing to see a young German woman muscling a huge agricultural machinery. It's lovely keep it up cheers


Good evening ! For me it is an honor to be here honoring you, we will always join together and strengthen our work, I'm already here


don’t cut a lot of it for me at least for fishing leave such a golden grain carp loves it so much already on the hook


Nice man nice engine power with reversing device, you can work in the corn with a four-row machine without twisting your neck.


Very nice, but you need to get it transcribed or dubbed into English....Your 1M views will be greatly increased or your subscriptions will increase.


Where I live there are 2 Valtras driving around that I think are from 2020 but I haven't seen the type yet so it's just a guess they look good new but not brand new

Tractor & Machinery
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