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At night, everyone armed with a torch and crowbar would enter their neighbor's house. When the sun was breaking, he had filled his sack and returned to find that his own house had also been robbed. So that everyone lived in harmony, no one's situation was too bad. One would rob one, he would rob the other, thus reaching the last person, and the last would rob the first. In this country, sell or buy was a fraud. The government was a criminal organization set up to steal from the people, and the people spent all their time deceiving the government. Life went on without any problems; The people living there were neither rich nor poor. Then one day – no one knows how – an honest man showed up. Instead of going out to steal his sack at night, he was sitting at home, smoking his pipe and reading a novel. The thieves used to come there and turn back when they saw the light. But that's not how it went. They told the honest man that by living such a comfortable life the weather might be pleasant for him, but he had no right to keep anyone from working. Every night he stayed at home, a family went hungry. The honest man could not find an answer to give. He too began to spend the night outside until dawn, but he could not afford to steal. Sponsored Links He was honest. That's it. He was walking up to the Bridge, watching the water flow under him. Then he would come to his house and find that his house had been robbed. Within a week the honest man had no money left, he had run out of food; The house had been robbed and turned into onions. But he couldn't blame anyone but himself. The problem was his honesty; had upset the order. In return, he let them rob himself without robbing anyone. So every morning someone came back to find that his house had not been robbed – the house that the honest man had to rob the night before .The wealthy began to join the righteous man on the bridge, watching the water flowing with him. This only added to the confusion. The number of the rich and the poor increased. This time, the rich saw that if they spent the night on the bridge, they would become impoverished. They thought, “Why don't we give the poor some money and have them steal for us?” Contracts were signed. Salaries were determined as percentages. Of course, they committed many frauds on both sides; people were still thieves. But in the end, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. Some of the rich got so rich that they no longer needed to steal or steal for themselves. But if they stopped stealing they would soon become poor; The poor provided it. That's why they gave money to the poorest of the poor to protect their property from the other poor. Thus, police forces were established and prisons were opened. A few years after the honest man got there, no one talked about stealing or being robbed, they just talked about how rich or poor they were. Still, some thieves remained. And there was that one man who was honest, and he soon died of starvation.#SHEEP 

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