The tractor plows itself! Tracked John Deere 9460RT and Gregoire Besson 11-furrow reversible plow!


Not just a big caterpillar tractor, but a smart tractor that actually plows itself!


We are talking about a 2013 John Deere 9460RT crawler tractor and it works in tandem with a Gregoire Besson SPSL-B9 reversible plow! The dimensions of the plow are impressive! Initially, this is a 12-furrow plow, but in this case one body was dismantled, I tell you why - at first this plow worked with a John Deere 9th series wheeled tractor, but it was hard for him to carry it and the last body was removed. The work did not work out and the plow was adapted for a caterpillar tractor, which pulls it and practically does not feel it, but for some reason the body was not returned back ...


The plow is set to a width of 4.4 meters and a working depth of 27 cm.

40 hectares are processed per shift. Fuel consumption for this area is approximately 700 liters.


Another interesting feature - the tractor works on autopilot! The machine operator drives the tractor only on turns, the rest of the time he only watches the progress of work! Even the driving speed is selected by the tractor itself!


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