The Most Amazing Process of Retreading Old Tyre


Retreading is a process through which we can use our old tyres. In this method, a worn casing of a tyre that has a good structural quality is taken off and put through a process in which it gets a completely renewed tread and sidewall rubber. After that, the revamped tyre is taken forward for a curing process in which the new rubber is vulcanized to the original casing and hence, the tyre gets a newly made tread pattern.

COM:Very interesting!!; Actually I became aware of a similar process being done to many commercial / military aircraft's landing gear's tyres, several decades ago. The basic tyre structure was 'peeled off' of what was left of tread, then put in a mold with inner tube, mold closed and paste- like rubber pressure injected, cured for several hours and presto. What amazed me the most, each tyre could be 'renewed' over 10 times, thinking about (then popular) Boeing 727 airplanes flew / landed several times in any day, several runways, landing roughly @ 160 mph, tires not turning until sudden contact w/ runway's surface. 0 to 160 mph in seconds, not to mention temperature issues + loads weighing several tonnes. Quite a bit of RD + engineering involved, though!!.

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