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Horses are a riding animal that was used constantly in ancient times. Although horses have lost their importance due to the abundance of vehicle use today, the use of horses has not completely disappeared yet. Among those whose importance has been lost with horses, there is blacksmithing. Blacksmithing was known as the most important profession in ancient times. Horseshoes, which are indispensable for horses, have now come to the point of extinction. It is not something that can be done easily by anyone. There are many reasons that you should pay attention to when hammering a horseshoe. How to Prepare a Horse for Riding?

First, the old horseshoes of the horse are removed. If there is a wound from the old horseshoe, the pus in the wound is cleaned with the help of the rake knife. Then tar is applied to the wound and it is waited for a few days for the wound to heal. Although the rake knife is a simple tool, its function is enormous. Next is the shaving process. The horse's hoof axis should be normal, not slanted or perpendicular. The old shoe should be opened from its rivets and then removed from the open ends to complete the disassembly. The horseshoe to be fitted is 1-2 mm from the nail. It should be large so that its hooves can grow in a healthy way. Things to Consider When Driving a Horseshoe 1

How Many Types of Horseshoes Are There?

There are four types of horseshoes. The straight horseshoe is made of all hair and has a door in the middle. Military shoe is a classic horseshoe type with 1.5 cm sides and a hollow center. Since military shoes are lighter, they are preferred more in race horses. In ancient times, rubber horseshoes were used for horses pulling carts to prevent them from slipping on soil and paved roads. A coating like a car tire was put on the knocked down shoe. In ancient times, non-ferrous rubber shoes were only nailed to the feet of load-bearing animals.


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What is the Importance of the Horseshoe?

If the horses are not nailed, their nails will break and the horse with a broken nail will be unable to work and be discarded. Horse owners regularly shoe their horses because they know the importance of this. Horses do not feel pain during shoveling because there is no life in their nails. In fact, horses do not react much by feeling that such a thing is done in order to protect themselves. A horse owner can walk without shoes, but he cannot ride his horse without shoes.


Does a horseshoe hurt a horse?

No, knocking a horse's horseshoe won't hurt him. Since the horseshoe is nailed to the dead part of the horse's hoof, it does not feel any feeling.

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