Screening top soil


Using a new skid steer mounted top soil screener to screen dirt for a lawn.
com:Interesting device!  In working with athletic fields over the years, I have learned to never underestimate the ability of rocks to migrate to the surface.  Unless the soil is rich so the grass can establish itself very rapidly, you will always need to make the screened layer a lot thicker than you think.  Do what looks adequate, then double or triple it.  Slope is a consideration as well.

- Great videos, I'm like many others on your channel and have been watching one vid after another. 

I think if I was this home owner, I would have made massive mountains of compost and loads of bio char to spread around the yard. 

I heard you say that it was like this for 2 years. They could have easily had truck loads of wood chips delivered, leaves and food scraps and it would have turned into black gold. The lawn would have been beautiful.

-A few months ago I watched a crew using one similar to this one. You are missing out on some of the production potential, They would go into the pile and fill the hopper, spin it backwards one revolution then go back into the pile again. then repeated this until the hopper was full. Then they would  sift and spread. It really goes fast. It was an impressive thing to watch. Like you videos. Thanks.


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