Line boring and REPAIR Cylinder on CAT 12M Grader | Sir Meccanica WS2


This video is a job we did to repair the damaged articulation cylinder and replace the bushings on a Caterpillar 12M Motor Grader. The bushings are worn out in the chassis and one of the articulation steering cylinders is damaged. This shows the step by step process to repair bushing position on the chassis by welding and line boring using our Sir Meccanica WS2 portable line boring machine. There was limited space and it was a challenge! We also show the steps to repair the cylinder clevis that is bent and worn out from the steering pin and then complete the job with some paint before putting it all back together.

In this video we are using:
- Sir Meccanica WS2 Portable line boring machine
- BOC Smootharc Advance ii 250C
- HMP-150T Hydraulic press

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