Tractor Tire Flat Repair


While disking in the manure we spread on the dirt field, we got a flat tire on the rear of our Massey Ferguson 3070 tractor. We removed the tire and hauled it home. Then replaced the tube and patched the hole in the tire from the inside.
It should hold for now, but we expect the tire will need to be replaced before too long as the patch can actually be seen from the outside of the tire lol.
Anyway, it was a quick fix and it got the machine back up and running. We brought it back home and will get back disking once the ground dries up from the rain we've had.


MAIN CAMERA 1: http://tinyurl.com/zs26djl
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DRONE: http://tinyurl.com/gwdxz7l

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My family owns a small dairy farm in Nova Scotia Canada, this video is just one of many I have created over the last couple years depicting life on our farm. Thanks for taking the time to watch, without viewers like you none of these video's would be possible.

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