How To Make KTM Duke Exhaust Silencer Sound For Any Normal Bike

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What happens if the exhaust is punctured, how to understand the exhaust hole, why the exhaust is punctured, exhaust puncture damages and punctured exhaust repair prices.


What happens if the exhaust pipe is punctured, what should we do if there is a hole in the exhaust?


What Happens If The Exhaust Is Pierced? – Explosive Exhaust Symptoms

How to tell if your car's exhaust is punctured:


Your car's performance drops drastically – you lose performance

Loud noises from the exhaust

Harmful gases are emitted into the environment

Fuel consumption rises

It smells of fuel

Damages the vehicle's engine in the long run

You should not continue to use your vehicle in this way, as you will harm both the environment and your own vehicle.


Hole Exhaust Repair – Can a Blown Exhaust Be Repaired?

If the exhaust is not very rotten, a punctured exhaust can be repaired. Here it is important how much your exhaust is damaged.


In low decays, the exhaust can be temporarily saved by welding method, but the healthiest method is to replace the exhaust.

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