Plowing race with old tractors - Landini hot bulb maximum power, wheelie & flames from exhaust


Ho filmato alcuni trattori d'epoca Landini testacalda in azione alla gara di aratura 2019 organizzata da GAMER a Roncoferraro MN. Nel video la gara di aratura in profondità. Trattori: Landini L25, SuperLandini, L45, L55, semicingolato, Massey Ferguson 1080, SAME Ariete... Those breaking plows are a little larger and deeper plowing than I am used to seeing, and the ground is pretty heavy. These old tractors are not that big, but pull extremely well, and at a pretty good speed. Most of these appeared to only need a little better traction, and maybe some extra weight on the front. what was the object of this plowing? to see how deep you could plow or was the ground just hard? what was the age of these tractors. to me, it seems that they were trying to push the tractors beyond their limit. What country. It was an outstanding video. Thanks. (Mississippi gulf coast, USA)

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