Feeding the Cows | Barn Work on a Small Dairy Farm


We mix feed for our cows every day, before or during afternoon milking. We use Trioliet Gigant 700, self-loading feed mixer, to mix TMR which consists of grass and corn silage, hay and some other ingridients which can vary from month to month. Usually we use dry corn and canola, and in this video also pumpkin pomace. We also add vitamins and minerals mixture to feed.
Silage is stored in silage pits.
In addition to TMR, the cows also get some hay on top. Hay is stored above the barn, in bulk.
When the cows come out of the milking parlor, they pick their place and with the help of locks, (red levers mechanism in the video) they stay there. This prevents the cows from chasing each other away. They remain locked for about half an hour after milking, then we let them go so they can walk freely around the barn.

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Farmer's POV (Point of View) is a channel where I want to share videos of different chores that are going on on our small family farm in Slovenia.

We have 60 heads of cattle, mainly simmetal breed and we milk about 35 of them. We farm in a fairly hilly area so our equpment is relatively small. Currently we own 4 tractors: Fiat DT55-56, New Holland TN70DA, Deutz Fahr Agroplus 85 and John Deere 5085M.
We work around 20 hectares of mainly grass fields and about 2,5 hectares for silage corn.
We also have 7 hectares of forest.

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