620hp John Deere 9620R revealed


The biggest ,most powerful tractor John Deere has ever made gets revealed.The 620hp 9620R

com:In this video, viewers will see and hear the 620hp John Deere 9620R 4wd tractor cultivating at 9.5mph with a 60ft wide Horsch Panther 460 air drill and 600SW Commodity Cart. Many tractor fans wonder why this tractor has 12-wheel triple tires instead of 8 double-wheel tires.

This looks like the coolest looking tractor I have seen in a long time Kick it with these tires and we want to thank that Farmer for all he has done for all of us, we can never thank him enough and we want to thank him. great equipment let us see really good people thanks a lot it's not a good friend it's a beast

Talking about the "power boost" that makes the tractor get through the rough spot. The tractor had no power, no traction. The tractor's forward motion stopped, the wheels were still turning, and if that engine pulled down a significant amount, you wouldn't be able to tell by the sound of the engine. It was also very clear that the tractor had a lot of slip even when it was in motion.

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