John Deere ,Claas Axion Cat Mt 765 stuck in the mud John Deere, Claas and Cat stuck in the mud


Since the meadows are subject to nature conservation, early pumping of the water is not permitted! You can see the consequences in the video!

Danger !!

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com:Hey Ho wanted to say that you put in very interesting videos, you see everyday life in front of everyone, I like that you only work discreetly with music and don't raise it as an action film. As for the mud fight, I can only say that when planing, there are a lot of chips and as long as no people or machines break, the day is saved, apart from the ropes. And those who say you don't drive on it, well, there must have been a reason why it had to be done. This can happen to anyone anywhere and anytime because we are human and not God. PS keep up the good work with the videos

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