4630 first fire ends with failure. also we put in the new cab kit! episode 9


Excellent video ????????????????I am sure that the snap is for the newer type transmission shaft. When they get the age they are it's usually more than likely that they get to be a mix of age of parts when stuff fails most people put in what is easy to find from a salvage yard that makes repairs a whole bunch of problems. The blower motor pack comes out of the top put in the upgraded one with 4 wires that uses a single switch not the failure prone tandem switch I have upgraded many 30 series and early 40 series John Deere tractors they use a resistor instead of splitting the power between the 2 blowers like the tandem switch does. I knew you had a problem when the white smoke started coming out of the breather I had that happen many years ago on a 671 Detroit diesel power unit I had to change flywheel for a different hand clutch and I thought I had the right flywheel until I went to start it and it seemed tight when it did start the smoke came rolling out i shut it down and let the bell housing bolts loose and it popped back about a quarter of a inch yet it went together nicely.

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