Combine Fire


A bearing failure in the straw chopper assembly led to this.

Hooray! Not for the fire, very sorry about that, but because there was not a negative comment about the fire fighters. For those "out of the know" they appeared to be volunteers, as I am. But I am in New York State and 1.2 miles from my station.  Our furthest point is 15 minutes out plus our mutual aid companies might be closer still. These responders had to leave their jobs, (possible a farm or ranch) get to a vehicle which certainly was not a few steps away, drive to the fire house (how far is that out west), wait for a crew and travel how many miles to the scene and still save an expensive piece of equipment! Hold on, they are not done,  now they have mop up to do, be certain the fire is out, return to the station, refuel the rigs, fill water tanks, wash and reload hose, park the rigs making sure they are plugged in and ready for that next call, then go back to what they were doing before and try to catch up. Hats off to those guys!!!!



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