Tu-22M3 - Backfire-C - Ignited the afterburner. And like a candle go in the sky .


Lived and served in the Crimea, started as a mechanic on a deuce in the motor group, then on a triple in the BOS group

I still admire this car and miss those days hello to all from a veteran of the former 943 MCI.


A masterpiece of the Soviet aircraft industry! Tu-22M3 is one of the best bombers in the world. How much work has been invested in its development, and especially in its refinement. The video shows the work of the afterburner at the start. Great video.


I always watch videos about airplanes with trepidation. My aunt's husband was a military pilot. When they came to visit our grandmother (mother-in-law), we always listened to his stories about airplanes. He talked about airplanes so interestingly. It was impossible for the kids to tear us away from him. And I remembered his story, how they flew to the airfield in the suburbs. He was somewhere near the plane. Suitable, I don’t remember who’s rank, I was small, didn’t understand the ranks of the colonel, or someone higher. stood and talked about the weather. well, by the way. Well, we stood. And this colonel went. A friend runs up to his uncle and says, well, Seryoga, now the hand of the month is not mine. He asked why? And a friend asks do you know who you greeted, uncle replied that with the colonel. A friend said it was Maresiev! Uncle said, only then did he notice when he was leaving the colonel that he had a dancing gait. Our beloved uncle is long gone. But now above him is a huge, boundless sky, which he loved so much. Kingdom of heaven Morozov Sergei Semenovich!!?


It's not a plane, it's a giant bird! How quietly, gently rose into the air, goosebumps run through the body from the pleasure of seeing it! I love beauty, but ships on the water and planes in the air, this is an indescribable sight! This is simply a masterpiece of the human mind!

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