Perrine pressing with Team Ovipaille


Congratulations perrine and manon for your work and immense respect for you girls it proves that women have a really very important role in the profession of farmers congratulations continue to make me discover your profession and continue your breathtaking videos

Hello great video bravo girls good work and in the good atmosphere it's nice to see Perrine in action with beautiful material

Superb video congratulations on highlighting the world of the farm Why farmers don't have a hands-free kit for the phone Good luck for the next videos

slt visual agri bravo superb video I love it!!!! I have a question that you can ask Perrine or Manon what studies have been done there to get there
I have been passionate about agricultural machinery since I was little and I wanted to know how, I am fast approaching high school and it is to see what to do to do as studies like them congratulations for the video and see you soon and thank you for answering me quickly if you see this goodvibes message and in which department is Ovipaille located

woah it's gigantic belgium we can't see the end of the horizon it's so big in this video! one of the largest countries in europe, sure as hell! it feels like texas

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