mazing Modern Automatic Cow Farming Technology


ll-sophisticated, fast-paced, epective.
Cleanliness and feed really pay attention as much as possible. Naturally, the results are very satisfying and far more significant than the results of ordinary livestock.

Com: Lfting: Please treat them well... They are also living beings in Mother Nature by there blood you are living luxury life's.... Please keep them in a comfortable and peace please.....don't see them as money machines....

Com: Petr: They have something and there is no manure, but I remember there is a lot of manure and on the edge it froze and tore the conveyor so the trouble was in the gut, all were frosts big by 30 degrees

Com: port: The equipment available for dairy farmers these days is mind blowing. Back in my early days this type of equipment wasn’t even a thought. The automatic milking machine was amazing! Great video!

Com: satr: I don’t see any green fields, do your cows ever get to walk and chew fields of natural grass ? This is not how nature intended cows to live if not !

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  • Ali Khan

    I have my own cow farm, I give natural and fresh food to my animals in my farm, from which I get fresh milk and the baby cows are also healthy.

  • loretta

    Obscene treatment of sentient animals to be kept in conditions requiring this amount of technology. Too much manure in one place so bad for the environment too.