Hay was pressed with this wonderful combination.


Hay was pressed with this wonderful combination. The straw packaging machine (straw press machine) provides convenience in place, time and labor by putting the powdered straw into a certain mold. Our straw packaging machines, which are the latest technology in agriculture, reduce more labor and save you both time and cost. Our machines, which work in the form of hydraulic presses, play a major role in stacking, storing and transporting straw by removing the straw in molds. These machines, which are produced in order to reduce the workload of our farmers, do the work of 10 people. It continues to be the leading company in straw packaging and straw pressing both in Turkey and in the world in this international sector.


Minimum 90 horsepower tractor, 540 rpm PTO should be selected.

The machine should be positioned according to the terrain and weather conditions.

It compresses the existing powder straw by 1/3 and packs it into the sack without the need for any tying mechanism, without any strings or wires.

It saves 1/3 in shipping and stocking costs.

Maximum efficiency is obtained with less labor.

Makine Elektrik can operate in 3 different ways with a minimum 165 kW generator and a minimum 90 horsepower tractor.

While working with the tractor, it also generates the energy of the plant's (Band, Spiral, Lighting, Compressor) system with the electricity given by the 20 KW alternator. No extra energy is needed.

Straw is fed to the machine with the help of a screw.

These operations are done automatically with the help of the PLC Electric system (Software) in the machine.

It contributes to the economy by reducing unnecessary straw consumption.

4 people are employed in the system.

The materials and other technical information on the machine are as follows.

Bale Filling Dimensions of the Machine; It is 75x30x35

Engine of the machine is 37 kW

Tractor Compatible. (Electricity Generating ALTERNATOR is 20 kW)

The capacity of the machine is between 25-35 kg. (may vary depending on material)

The machine removes 1 bale in 21 seconds. (between 4-5 tons per hour)

It has an Air Cooled Oil Cooler.

It has 100 Lt Air Compressor.

The guarantee of the machine against manufacturing defects is 1.000 (THE THOUSAND) Tons.

Electric and Hydraulic Valves of the machine are out of warranty.

The first commissioning will be done by the service within the scope of warranty, and subsequent service and material requests are subject to a fee.

The Goods Eject plunger is collapsible.

In the tool box on the machine, there are Pipe Wrench, Allen, Open Wrench, Hammer and Also on the nail with fixed shaft.

There is a canopy Tent in the Front.

There are 4 night lighting system (projector).

ST 52 body structure is resistant to abrasion.

The hydraulic system is NG25 valve driven.

Electrical System is PLC system.

There is a Coming Bag Counter Counter. - 70×120 Sack dimensions.

Monolithic Mano Block Body Available.

There are 4 fixing feet.

Delivery: It is made in Çorum Yalçın Hydraulic Factory.

For fees and more information, in our contact section; You can reach us from our phone number and e-mail addresses.

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