Frustration Level 6.1


** So, it's cold ????, like really cold!... But we still gotta work and so does the Fendt 724 so let's try get it going here and drive it up to the north farm.

This has proven to be a "create work" project ????????‍♂️
For whatever reason the Wabasto has seemed to went on strike and without it's help to circulate and heat up that engine coolant, there's a slim chance of getting it going...

** For some more fun with both Mike, Ashtyn, & CHAPEL, then check out OUR Patreon Account! ????

Otherwise, have a great day! ????

** Oh, right! I am back!

Also check out our website to learn a little more about our family farm. Also the new merchandise is slowly coming in, hoping to start getting that on our website soon. Stay tuned and thank you for your patience. ????
Mike - Before retirement 12 years ago, I was an engineer for Caterpillar. I needed to give engine division an unaided cold start requirement for Tier 3. I said -22F or -30C. I gave this because of our difficulty starting Tier 2's at our Minneapolis plant for shipments on the coldest mornings. We are only talking maybe -10F. We learned on Tier 3 the fuel system would not inject until cranking speed reached 90 rpm. So Tier 3 they did give us improved everything and at least from the plant, no cold start problems. Major advantage - Caterpillar uses 24 volt on most construction equipment (excluding backhoe loaders, skid steers, etc.) and the performance of 24v over 12v is super, like the old days when dad switched our old tractors from 6v to 12v. I can feel for you.

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