FOUR DRAFT HORSE POWER: Can They Pull This HUGE Boulder???


[email protected] Working Horses With Jim, I hook up all four Belgian and Percheron draft horses to see if they are strong enough to pull out a huge boulder that I dug out of my corn field. #horsepower #drafthorses #drafthorsefarming

Watch our videos to learn about draft horses- horse logging, horses farming, and horse training! Jim uses Belgian, Percheron, and Suffolk horses to do work on the farm and in the woods. He teaches about harnesses, horse-drawn logging and farming equipment, horse feeding and maintenance, and voice commands for horses. New videos uploaded every week. Keep watching to see how Jim trains his new Suffolk Punch colts as he has trained his full-grown teams!

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0:00 Intro
0:34 That is one big rock!
5:00 First Attempt
7:18 What Now?
12:45 Let's try this again!
16:35 Headed Home

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