You won't believe how farmers work in America. Modern agriculture.


You won't believe how farmers work in America. Modern agriculture.merican Farmer was a public relations radio show that provided farm news and valuable information to listeners in rural America.

It was heard on the ABC radio network from 1945 to 1963, broadcast on Saturdays and at various time intervals in different ABC member organizations throughout the day. One of the contributors was Layne R. Beaty as stated in the obituary of Yvonne Shinhoster Lamb. [one]

A typical American Farmer program was described in the Portsmouth Times in Portsmouth, Ohio, when he handled his Saturday programs at the events of "Tuning in the Airwaves", broadcast on Friday, July 13, 1947. In the column is "the country's corn crop" during the next day's publication of government experts, American Farmer.

Agriculture is a large industry in the United States, which is a net food exporter. [1] As of the 2007 agricultural census, there were 2.2 million farms covering 922 million acres (1,441,000 square miles), an average of 418 acres (169 hectares) per farm. 

Although agricultural activity occurs in every state in the union, it is concentrated in the Great Plains, a vast flat, arable land in the center of the nation, particularly in the region west of the Great Lakes and east of the Rocky Mountains. The moist half in the east is the major corn and soy production area known as the Corn Belt, while the drier western half is known as the Wheat Belt due to its high rate of wheat production. [3] Central Valley of California produces fruits, vegetables and nuts. The American South has historically been a major producer of cotton, tobacco, and rice, but has experienced a decline in agricultural production over the past century.

The US has pioneered advances in seed breeding such as hybridization and expanding crop uses from the work of George Washington Carver to bioplastics and biofuels. The mechanization of farming and intensive agriculture have been major themes in US history, including John Deere's steel plow, Cyrus McCormick's mechanical mower, Eli Whitney's cotton gin, and the widespread success of the Fordson tractor and harvester. Modern agriculture in the US ranges from hobby farms and small-scale producers to large commercial farms covering thousands of acres of cultivation or pas

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