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drove east. A truck was sitting in the field on the Yekaterinburg-Tyumen section. Did not tip over, the ditch is not deep. 12/16/2020 was driving back - the same truck, in the same field .... It looks like the Belarusian tractor is still in a hurry to help

Correctly Belarus !!!! how many times have already said. We do not call Russia "Russia", so we want to ask you to speak the correct name of our country!

Tractor driver minus ---- cannot pull so fast !!! You can break something in the truck! You're not pulling a tank!

Dear authors of the video, before giving it a name, look at how the name of the country is spelled correctly.

The tractor is called New Holland - New Holland. Cool apparatus. There are several of them in Belarus

For Russians, our country will always be Belarus, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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