Wired Control of Massive Komatsu Truck


Komatu's 186 tonne autonomous haul truck for the mining industry leaving 2016's MINExpo where it was launched that September.From a system that will operate under control, we mean the process in which no information is returned to correct the action. In the picture above, there is a heated room and a sensor located outside the room. This method is actually not a practical way for a heating control because the temperature of the room is completely adjusted to the outside temperature. Consider the heating system inside your room, it will adjust the temperature of the heater according to the coldness of the outside. However, we are still not aware of the latest status of room temperature. If it is too cold outside, the sensors will ask the system to give more heat. In the last case, the air in the room will become excessively dry, posing a threat to our health. In this case, we should set a limit to the excess heat. The temperature of the heated room is constantly dynamic, that is, in a variable state, due to heat transfers to the glass, wall and other rooms. Therefore, we need to know and compare the amount of heat entering the system and the amount of heat output, and design a better control system that will work according to the difference. We call this method Closed Loop (Feedback) Control.


closed loop control system (with sensor for indoor temperature)

closed loop control system (with sensor for indoor temperature)



Simply in this system we place a second sensor that detects the temperature of the room. Thus, the 1st sensor will determine the heat entering the room, and the 2nd sensor will determine the outgoing temperature. The valve will balance the system according to the increase and decrease of the difference between the amount of heat entering and leaving.


Up to this point, we have roughly talked about the logic of the system. After this stage, we will now introduce the mathematics of closed control loops. The question of why we need a mathematical system may have come to your mind. If we need to explain briefly, we used sensors and valve systems that work dependent on them to control the system. However, even if the temperature is less than 1 degree difference, the electro valves will constantly open and close to maintain the balance. Continuous on/off movements of electronic systems cause their life to be shorter. Think of it as the car's controller, not the heater; The cost of replacing the vehicle's brain is quite high! By setting up a mathematical equation, it is necessary to adjust how much the differences should be, how much damping or how much the limit should be kept.




The most common checking method is the Proportional-Integral-Derivative Checking (PID) method. It will also help you to design a better control equation for your PID theory system. You can learn more by reading the continuation article, Introduction to the PID Concept.

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